Xactaware is an IT partner with a difference

Utilising its wide experience as an innovator and integrator, Xactaware offers practical, cost-effective and targeted IT solutions.

Our core focus is on our main areas of expertise and our products, Easyrep and Auditme. We have developed these products from a bespoke implementation to a ‘software as a service’ provision to open up our class leading software to any and all providers.

Xactaware bases its advice and products on meeting its customers’ needs, from software inception to retirement, and will not suggest complex or impractical solutions purely to boost its revenue stream. It offers successful solutions tailored to your business, delivered on time, as agreed and within budget.

The bridge between old and new can be built from many technologies; Xactaware have deployed interfaces ranging from file extract and import techniques through to the writing of web services and RPCs which allow real-time inter-operation at the systems level and provide direct access to legacy databases from new web solutions.

Xactaware have no “pet” technologies, no axe to grind – each challenge is met using the experience of deploying real working solutions on a large scale.

It started with ‘The Richards’

Richard Andrews
Richard AndrewsFounding Partner
Richard began his IT career in 1981 as a computer operator in the oil industry working both in the UK and Saudi Arabia.

He has been involved in software development since 1984 and has worked for such organisations as Siemens, Tesco, Europcar, Marks & Spencer, Argos, Sainsburys and many others.

Richard has a wealth of experience ranging from business analysis and project management through QA and testing to analysis, design and development.

Richard Williams
Richard WilliamsFounding Partner
Richard is a self-confessed film buff. In fact he is in love with all aspects of film production from direction, through filming and performing to simply watching the end product.

He has a similar attitude to all things in IT. By applying the wide range of skills he has gained over more than 20 years in the IT industry he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any client or project.

Richard holds an MSc in Computing from Bradford University and has worked in varied IT roles as a freelance, consultant and as part of in-house teams.

He has strong leadership skills as well as a rich background in analysis, design and development of a wide variety of software solutions across a broad spectrum of business sectors and has recently been leading iOS development.

Meet the Team

Dr. Petar Goulev
Dr. Petar GoulevSenior Software Engineer
Petar is a graduate of the University of Sofia in Bulgaria, holds an MSc in E-Commerce from the University of Buckingham and a doctorate from Imperial College, London.

He handles product support for out tourism products and clients as well as general technical support for networking, operating systems and infrastructure software for Xactaware.

Ian Sandon
Ian SandonSenior Software Engineer
Ian has been with Xactaware since 2005, he specialises in .NET development and is responsible for the design and layout of our web-based solutions.

In addition to his main development work – supporting client auditing applications – Ian maintains our Xactalog issue logging platform and can sometimes be found assembling or upgrading our desktop machines.

Ian has recently been leading Windows Phone development projects.

Jennie Hardern
Jennie HardernSenior Software Engineer
Jennie comes from a software consultancy background with extensive experience in Windows platform development.

She is primarily involved in our work in accreditation / certification systems.

David Mateos
David MateosSoftware Engineer
David originates from Madrid and brings a Spanish flavour to the Xactaware workplace.

He is experienced in developing for Windows and Browser environments and is currently enhancing our accreditation / certification solutions.

David is also involved in Android development projects.

David Williamson
David WilliamsonSenior Software Engineer
David brings a wide and varied experience of windows and web software development in the financial and security industries.

He is involved in bespoke development for some of our travel and tourism customers plus participates in Android development projects.

Andrew Rogers
Andrew RogersSoftware Engineer
Andrew is an IT graduate from the University of East Anglia with a keen interest in technical architecture and software infrastructure design.

He takes the lead on our Easyrep SaaS solution for the travel and tourism industry.

Teresa Hellen
Teresa HellenSales Consultant
If you are dealing with the sales aspects of Xactaware then Teresa will be your first point of contact.

She is a constant source of happiness in our office environment and a great motivator with boundless energy.

Teresa is currently executing a sales plan for our range of products.

Teresa Andrews
Teresa AndrewsTechnical Author / Marketing Consultant
Teresa has a background in technical journalism, marketing and PR and has handled a wide variety of clients from airports to airlines and IT companies to utilities.

She handles Xactaware’s technical and user documentation needs and has been helping to formulate the marketing strategy for Xactaware and giving the company strategic support since its inception.

Teresa also manages our finances and deals with the company’s accountant.

Belinda Sandon
Belinda SandonQA Analyst
Belinda provides QA support to our development team for all projects.

She deals with the whole QA process including reviews, planning, scripting, testing and process control.