Mobile Applications

Mobile applications that integrate with mobile web and or specific app.


Providing consultancy in terms of expertise or assurance functions, our years of experience are at your disposal.

We view our consultancy service with the view of ‘if this was my company?’ Similar to our bespoke development service, our consultancy is based on finding you, our client, the solution that fulfils the complete requirement and delivers tangible benefit to your organisation.

We are not afraid to tell it like it is and illustrate how your chosen path could go.  Our aim is to provide the best consultative advice with which you can then make your decision.

Wise head, young outlook.  What you want isn’t always what you need.  That can be a hard pill to swallow.

IS your provider actually delivering a solution or just delivering ‘a’ solution.  We have consulted with our existing clients where they have engaged us to be expert witnesses for other implementations.  Our objectivity in these matters in unquestionable and our overall expertise is in delivering business benefit through software solutions.  Having guided our clients as to what questions to ask and what to lookout for, we are often engaged to act as an assurance provider when checking the validity of proposed software solution.

Bespoke Software Development

The class leading software-as-a-service, in-resort, holiday management package that reduces time, cost and increases productivity and the customer experience.

When developing a new solution, our ethos and development process always looks at the end outcome and core, solid business reasoning for developing the solution in the first place.

Using our highly versatile Xacta framework, we go through a specific process that provides us with a clear and robust set of outcomes for the solution.

This process also challenges what you want and solidifies the business benefits your are looking to achieve by creating a software solution.

We enjoy multi year relationships with our clients because of the mutual trust we build up.  We appreciate that trust is earned and by consistently providing solutions that are delivered on time, on budget and deliver true business benefit , the trust that our clients place with us is well earned.

Our bespoke solutions are not bloated to fulfil a pet project, or use a pet technology.  All aspects of the development are there for a specific reason directly linked to the success of the solution to deliver the benefits needed.  At every step, we can provide factual reasons as to why we are doing.  What’s more, we’ll tell you in plain English too.  Jargon is used too much within the industry to baffle and confound – it’s much easier to tell you straight.

We will always keep you in the loop, and work with you to ensure that the original business requirement and solution are aligned.  Industry moves quickly and if these requirements change, the impacts from the altered solution will always be discussed.

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Utilising its wide experience as an innovator and integrator, Xactaware offers practical, cost-effective and targeted IT solutions.
Xactaware bases its advice and products on meeting its customers’ needs, from software inception to retirement, and will not suggest complex or impractical solutions purely to boost its revenue stream. It offers successful solutions tailored to your business, delivered on time, as agreed and within budget.
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