Office Booker

The class leading software-as-a-service solution that manages your rentable and bookable resources in your business.

OfficeBooker puts the information at your fingertips to give you complete control and oversight of all your rentable resources.

OfficeBooker has all the core areas of rentable resource management under one interface to optimise:

  • Booking management – complete diary management and integration with calendar apps.
  • Booking by the minute – increased flexibility to book by the minute rather than time blocks
  • Complete communication system managed by OfficeBooker for complete collaboration
  • Software-as-a-service – fully portalised, and no need for complex installations – cloud based and hosted on fully secure servers.
  • User access staff have all the information about their customers, providing additional value add sales opportunities
  • Comprehensive reporting system to allow for analysis and management information.

OfficeBooker manages your bookable and rentable resources, from initial enquiry, communication through to invoicing, Office Booker will look after all the processes through an easy to use interface.

This sounds like just what I need - how do I find out more?

OfficeBooker puts you in control of all your rentable and bookable resource , providing clear oversight, easy collaboration, communication and management information.
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